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Announcing turnkey products for growth markets

At the occasion of the Broadcast Asia 2015 show in Singapore, we are announcing the development of a new range of turnkey products aimed at growth markets.

This offering reuses and extends the core components available in Frog to pack all the features for traditional linear broadcast TV consumption and on-demand content served over the Internet into an integrated package (including backend components) with a modern HTML5-powered user experience


Pricing from USD 0.30 per device

This evolution of the Frog solution aims to bring an attractive digital TV experience to subscribers with an affordable business and deployment model for operators, with a per device royalty starting at USD 0.30.

Deployed through STB vendors

The new products are being integrated by Wyplay as Frog Reference Implementations on a selection of STB devices from Frog Licensee OEMs, who will in turn distribute them as bundles with their own products.


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