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Automated test tool: Remote Simulator

To ensure the acceptance of objectives and adherence to standards of excellence, testing plays a key role in digital TV software development.
Aware of that, Wyplay has developed internally a test automation system, called Remote Simulator.

Wyplay proposes Remote Simulator tool to its closest partners, when working on a joint project.
Remote Simulator uses an internal framework based on a sequencer script and an Excel template that executes tests and fills in automatically results one by one. It comes with a batch file launching necessary Windows installers and a package of script for RS (.srs files). The automated test tool requires the setup of test benches (list of material is provided by Wyplay). The preparation of the test bench (hardware and software) is preferably done by Wyplay and the bench is sent “ready-to-use” to the partner/customer. Wyplay can also support the partner in installing this bench remotely. 0,5 to 1 day is necessary to complete the installation in adequate network conditions. Remote Simulator aims to simplify automatic tests creation by using a simple programming/scripting language, giving the ability to a tester to automate manual tasks.

The language can also call batch or python code in case complex processing is necessary. Thus, Remote Simulator training is short and opened to non-developers. A one week training course is required to understand RS usage and advanced scripting (training price available upon request). After the training, the partner/customer can customise the Remote Simulator to the specificities of the project without support from Wyplay. Wyplay can also support the partner in the customisation process if required. By offering the Remote Simulator tool, Wyplay proposes a cheaper solution, with very few material required (test benches are sold at cost) and accessible to non-developers as well.

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