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Big Picture - The Frog Ecosystem

Open Source Initiative to include Marketplace of 3rd-party TV Technology Solutions

The Frog By Wyplay initiative aims to enable the development of a complete ecosystem around Wyplay’s technologies available in open source for TV devices middleware (e.g. set-top box), TV operator backend middleware and companion mobile applications. It creates a development architecture and network of partners that take care of the technical components so that operators can focus on their business.

Ahead of the full launch of Frog by Wyplay in Q1 2014, this blog article explores in more details what will be available and the use cases and benefits we foresee for members of the Frog community.

The picture above shows the contents of the Frog by Wyplay offering and possible ecosystem relationships between members of the Frog community. (color coding : light blue=source code from Wyplay; black=hardware and low-level software/firmware sourced from 3rd-parties, green=tools, documentation, services; dark blue = 3rd-party products and entities)


Generic offering - this is the set of technical assets made available to Frog members. At its heart lies the WyTV middleware, a delivery frontend-agnostic and chipset platform-agnostic modular software stack, available as source code, that implements all the features required by the most demanding digital TV operators (see previous blog article for architectural details).

The middleware code includes porting code for popular chipsets SDKs and is complemented by extensive test suites, the genbox -our unique integration environment-, and documentation.

Frog by Wyplay Strawberry Lite open source HTML5 user interface for TVFrog by Wyplay Strawberry Lite open source HTML5 user interface for TV

Reference Implementation - to serve as basis for project development and customisations, Frog by Wyplay provides a reference implementation that includes our Strawberry Lite HTML5 User Interface (see screenshots aside); a specific architectural profile of the WyTV middleware (i.e. selection of features and software components); and reference hardware (i.e. Set-Top Boxes) powered by a selection of mid-range chispets that can be ordered by members through the community portal for use as development devices.

Marketplace - in addition to Wyplay’s open-source software, Frog will offer a range of 3rd-party solutions, pre-integrated with the reference implementation and documented inside the community portal. These 3rd-party solutions will offer hardware or software technologies complementary to those offered by Wyplay, such as: push VoD client-server, social TV and second screen mobile companion applications, optimised low-level drivers, html5 games, additional middleware stacks ... the sky is the limit... These 3rd-party solutions will be subject to direct licensing with their providers and may not be available as open source.

Ecosystem Relationships

Like our early adopters, future Frog by Wyplay members will come from all sides : operators, set-top-box manufacturers, chipset vendors, sofware services providers or systems integrators. The Frog Licence Agreement allows all these actors to create derivatives of Wyplay’s generic offering and reference implementation and distribute them freely between members of the community.

It also allows for redistribution of wyplay’s assets outside the community under very competitive commercial terms. This will facilitate the emergence of direct business and technical relationships between members, even without Wyplay’s involvement.

For instance, a Set-Top-Box manufacturer could collaborate with a System Integrator to create a custom offering for an operator, tapping into specific skills provided by software services providers e.g. for hardware porting, CAS integration or User Interface design and development. Wyplay may not be directly involved in the project, but will offer technical support to all Frog members.


Frog by Wyplay allows a "best-of-breed" approach, where an operator, or its assigned integrator, assembles the best components from different suppliers along the value chain into a seamless solution, effectively tapping into a rich ecosystem of suppliers that do TV technology well, are familiar with each other, and can drive each other’s innovation. This approach yields a more inventive, agile solution that is more competitive in the longer term than traditional "end-to-end" solutions driven by a single vendor.

The familiarity and collaboration among best-of-breed suppliers within the Frog ecosystem reduces risk and time to market. This approach represents the future of pay-TV development and we think will do for the Set-Top Box market what Android did for smartphones.

Next steps

All the elements of the Frog offering depicted above will be available from day one when we launch in Q1 2014.

In the meantime, feel free to pre-register on the signup page.

We will be at the International CES tradeshow in Las Vegas, January 7-10, 2014.

Please contact us if you want to schedule a meeting there.

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