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Controlling your Android TV Experience with Wyplay’s Operator Tier Application

The debate over the role of Android TV in the Pay TV eco system is over. Android TV is now a valid option for Pay TV operators of all types and more and more are now moving in this direction. At the last count more than 30 operators have launched an Android TV platform with more than 65 operators currently working on a future deployment. Since the launch of Android TV Google has made a number of concessions to the pay TV market, but it’s the introduction of its Operator Tier programme that has really made Android TV a genuine option for many who were previously reluctant. Maximising the value of the Operator Tier is key to the success of your Android TV solution.

Premium, AndroidTV Operator Tier reference Application, available also on mobile devices

Moving to the Android TV Operator Tier makes perfect sense for many operators. It provides the operator with complete control over the customer experience, improves time to market and provides effortless access to the 2,000+ applications available in the Google Playstore. Operators can allow their customer to access third party services but can continue to control the experience and prioritise their own content. Despite its numerous upsides, Android TV comes with its challenges. This is where Wyplay comes in.

Wyplay’s Android TV Operator Tier application combined with our industry leading system integration services mean we can provide you with all you need to launch your Android TV solution in any environment (OTT, hybrid DVB/IP). Our Premium reference UI/UX can be customised to fit your brand and can be used to improve speed to market. Alternatively we can incorporate your own UI/UX design into our Operator Tier application. The Wyplay Android TV Operator Tier application also includes a device abstraction layer that provides you with complete independence from your Android TV device allowing you to easily move to a new hardware provider or platform.

In addition, the Wyplay Android Operator Tier application can be deployed using our cross device UI framework meaning your UI/UX can be deployed on all the main video devices e.g. smartphones/tablets/PC/Mac. This provides your customers will a consistent experience wherever they access your service.

Regardless of the specific flavour of your Android TV solution, Wyplay has the tools, the skills and the pay TV experience to ensure your solution is the perfect blend of your own Pay TV customer experience and brand identity mixed with the added value from Android TV.

Of course, if Android TV is not for you we can also provide similar solution on AOSP or Linux based devices. The choice is yours.

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