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Digital TV content protection is a major challenge for TV operators. Frog by Wyplay is the only independent solution that is pre-certified and responds to the heavy constraints of service providers in terms of content security.

It is essential for Digital TV operators to secure their content (linear TV, video on-demand, interactive apps…). Digital Pay-TV content security is assured by conditional access systems (CAS) or digital rights management (DRM), and is proposed by companies specializing in this field.

Wyplay plays a key role in conditional access to end-users by proposing terminals that guarantee sensitive data safety which is necessary for TV content protection.

Wyplay implements a framework to address CAS vendor’s requirements. In addition to this framework, and to ensure sensitive data safety, Wyplay’s security strategy implements software development and architecture called “hardening”.

This strategy has been elaborated through the development of a Wyplay internal specification called “WySec, that brings all the requirements required to deploy the use of CAS/DRM (Nagra, Conax, Verimatrix, Cisco, Viaccess) protected content. WySec is compliant with 100% of the security requirements for the hardening of Wyplay middleware components. It is project-proven with the delivery of successful and certified complex project deployments for operators such as Vivendi / Canal+ (Nagra), Sky Italia (Cisco), Proximus (Verimatrix) or DishTV India (Conax).

The full range of Frog by Wyplay products benefits from WySec’s pre-integration including Frog Source which provides access not only to the full source code of 200+ field-proven middleware components but also comprehensive tools, documentation and a wide range of services. The “Frog Source” software solution implements all the security requirements related to the use of conditional access solutions.

All Frog Community members can therefore benefit from a software solution that embarks secured-proof components required by leading digital TV content protection companies.

Thanks to Wyplay secured client middleware, partners can accelerate their project’s time-to-market, while ensuring the highest security level.

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