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Get Your Frog Reference Hardware Box Now !

We are back this week with a highlight on the Frog reference hardware available to all Frog members.

Within the Frog initiative, Wyplay offers to development teams of member companies a range of hardware platforms on which we have ported the Frog middleware solution. This serves as a “turnkey” example of an implementation and as the basis for further customization of projects for Pay TV operators.

As part of the first release of Frog launched at International CES earlier this year, we are making available to all Frog members the first reference implementation. It relies on the Airties A7310 set-top box, powered by a Broadcom BC7230 chipset.

The features of this reference hardware include :

  • Hybrid IPTV / DVB-T digital TV dual tuner
  • 1600 DMIPS CPU (BC7230)
  • Ethernet RJ45 connector
  • USB connector / PVR-ready
  • Ruwido RCU
  • RS232 debug interface

The Frog software available for this reference implementation includes :

  • TV Zapper with EPG
  • PVR
  • HTML5 User Interface
  • Application Store (server-side hosted by Wyplay)

To order the reference hardware, please login to the Frog Portal. Price : 288 Euros / USD 388 - shipping included. Limited stock available. First come, first served.


If your company is not yet a Frog Licensee, feel free to signup and download the Frog Membership Package.


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