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NEW RELEASE : Frog Turnkey v4.2.0

We are pleased to announce the release of the latest version of Frog Client and its "Frog Turnkey" Reference Implementation.

This new Frog Client version (v4.2.0) notably brings the following features:

  • New HTML5 User Interface architecture
  • New UI screens, including Home, Live, PVR, Timeshift, Settings
  • Advertising Banners in user interface
  • Redesigned DVB-S scan (blind scan)
  • Improved HTTP live streaming (HLS) support
  • YouTube API client
  • Interface with Frog Backend (for STB authentication/authorization, advertising assets fetching, application management, and more)

Frog Client v4.2.0 is available on the following reference hardware platforms:

  • Broadcom 7362(5) for satellite
  • Broadcom 7583(1) for cable

This version is also available off the shelf on our Frog Turnkey OEM partners set-top-box platforms, thus allowing faster time to market for pay TV operator projects.

The source code and technical documentation of this new version are available to all Frog licensees on the Frog community portal.


The Frog by Wyplay Community now totals more than 125 Licensee companies, who are using, supporting, enriching and deploying the Frog by Wyplay open source solution.

If your company is interested in joining Frog, please feel free to signup and download the membership package.


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