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New Release: Frog Turnkey R10

We are pleased to announce the release of the latest version of Frog Turnkey, our reference UI which is integrated with the Frog Source middleware, delivering a comprehensive off-the-shelf product ready to be launched on the market.
This Frog Turnkey R10 (V4.10) version notably brings the following new features:

  • First installation screens allowing end users to configure
    • TV settings (aspect ratio, resolution, etc.)
    • Language preference
    • Time zone
    • Satellite settings

  • TV zapper
    • Automatic selection of preferred audio track on each zap
    • Support of EIT based parental control with PIN code entry required if EIT rating does not fit user defined parental rating
  • PVR
    • Full support of external USB drives with automatic drive detection, formatting options and device performances diagnostic.
    • Configurable recording margins
  • Settings
    • Satellite settings
      • DVB-S Advance Scan with Disecq 1.0 / 1.1 & 22k tone
      • Dish pointing screen
      • DVB-S Quick and Easy NIT Scan (Network scan)
    • Parental control settings : rating level and PIN code
    • User preferences
      • Audio preferences
      • Default record margins
      • Time zone configuration (DVB UTC clock based)
    • Audio/Video Output management (HDMI and Analog)
    • Ethernet network configuration (DHCP and manual)
    • System configuration
      • USB drive initialization and safe removal screen
      • STB information with software update feature
  • SW update
    • Forced foreground software update from settings menu
    • Software update in standby
    • Software Update detection mechanism
    • Software Image download mechanism

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