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Wyplay has attended Convergence India early February

Wyplay has recently attended Convergence India – South Asia’s largest telecom, broadcast, cable and Sat TV technologies’ show celebrating its 25th anniversary this year – that took place in New Dehli early February. Now that we have returned from the trip, here are some of our thoughts on the Indian market:

No surprise: OTT is, here as well, a hot topic. Average monthly TV ARPU is currently around USD 3 (source: IHS) and a majority of cable operators (but also satellite operators like e.g. Airtel) are actively looking into the technical and business viability of launching OTT services that would complement their “basic” offering and hence help them increase this low ARPU. Such services would be delivered to subscribers through hybrid cost-controlled STBs – notably Android-based ones – and also through internet-enabled mobile devices. This would in line with the broadband penetration rate in this vast country, a rate which may be seen as low but the number of broadband subscribers is already greater than the total for Italy and almost equal to the total for South Kores (source: IHS). A perfect illustration of this OTT trend is Netflix’s fresh announcement of their strategic partnerships with Airtel, Videocon d2h and Vodafone (source: Advanced TV News).

Various discussions with our indian customer and prospects confirmed the fact that more and more subscribers are making the shift from SD to HD, breaking the myth that Indian consumers are not ready to pay for quality content.

These trends highlight the necessity, for operators who must differentiate, to adopt an end-to-end middleware solution that is both cost-effective, ready-to-deploy (on new and legacy devices) and attractive enough in terms of supported features and services.

That certainly explains the very positive interest, during the Convergence show, in our off-the-shelf product Frog Turnkey aiming to bring the best user-experience on mid-range devices with affordable business and deployment models for operators. With its modern client middleware and its backend components, Frog Turnkey has been seen as a mean to secure time-to-market, competitive differentiation and additional revenue streams via features like e.g. :

  • apps catalog enabling the access to 3rd-party entertaining and educational gaming applications
  • access to (and search of) web videos powered by YouTube®
  • access to radio channels
  • list, delete or stream recorded content (via cPVR capability) from the box to mobile devices
  • management of ad space in the set-top box user interface that can be sold to advertisers for the placement of banner ads

Another takeaway for Wyplay, from this 3 intensive days in New Delhi, is that the success of the open-source Frog community (149 members to date) is a strong benefit for Indian operators, when assessing Wypaly as a trustable partner, as they really want to avoid lock-in to proprietary solutions that have made it very challenging to control development costs and time-to-market (and with no rock-solid guaranty on the delivered quality).

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