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Wyplay’s key takeaways from CES 2017

Wyplay have just returned from CES 2017: now is a good time to reflect on the event.

This year again Wyplay attended CES in Las Vegas, with strength, galvanised by its recent achievements. It was our 10th participation, now settled at the Venetian Hotel, where we hosted 3 partners - Alpha Networks, Broadpeak and Spideo - members of the attractive Frog community. The 50th anniversary of the largest global gathering of innovation and connectivity, introduced ground-breaking products, provided opportunities for companies in every major global industry to conduct business, and shattered records.

The organisers have released figures showing a headline attendance figure of more 175,000 industry professionals including 55,000 from outside the U.S. for the four days of the conference & exhibition. To them CES 2017 was a record-breaker, bigger and busier than before, attendance confirmed on Wyplay booth with an increase of 15% of meetings compared to 2016.

At CES 2017, TV industry professionals confirmed that, in many parts of the world, they are seeing the impact of widespread broadband availability on the TV industry, with Over-The-Top TV services being launched on a regular basis. A Boston Consulting Group (BCG) study claims that the global OTT market added some US$25 billion in revenue to the video industry in 2016 and is growing by more than 20% annually; BCG estimates that the global OTT market already supports roughly 500 players (most are focused on a single domestic market).

Many pay TV operators are responding to this trend by adding TV Everywhere offerings, but more striking was the trend towards hybrid pay-TV, with a broadband connection to the set-top box being used to bring OTT services to various screens. Operators can relatively quickly offer video-on-demand (VOD), catchtup TV Services or network PVR alongside their broadcast channels.

To improve customer retention and generate additional revenue for the service provider, the 3 keywords that defined CES 2017, from a connected TV user experience perspective, were “Personalization”, “Recommendation” and “Voice Search&Control”.

Anticipating these trends, Wyplay invested in 2016 to announce prior to the show, Frog Premium, an end-to-end broadband-centric product. The offer provides a bridge for end-users between a traditional broadcast linear TV consumption and advanced blended user experience on multiple devices and across all offerings: live, catchup, nPVR, VOD, 3rd party App...

The Frog Premium’s game-changing user experience is perfectly in line with these market signals since personal profile-based recommendations and unified voice-enabled content search are one of its cornerstones dedicated to minimize the end-user path to the most relevant content among a multitude of offerings.

Frog Premium raised a strong interest among telcos and broadcasters during the show and Wyplay has initiated several very promising discussions.

With its wide range of Frog products, Wyplay provides operators with software for innovative TV experience featuring best-in-class user experience, at a cost matching market dynamics and with an unprecedented level of openness.

Year 2017 has just begun and is already full of opportunities!

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