Next Gen cross-devices UX

End-to-end solution
You experienced the best of breed approach, having selected the right services platform, building your own apps and doing the end-to-end integration. You now understand the costs, the integration complexity and don't want to build a complete internal software and project development team.
You're looking for a company able to provide you with an end-to-end solution but you have some doubts:
Will I be locked with a full end-to-end supplier?
Can I find companies who already did pre-integrations?
How easy is the customization of a ready to deploy solution?
Is it possible to integrate this end-to-end solution with my existing legacy?
Can I integrate some third-party specific components into an end-to-end solution?
Wyplay has an extensive experience of leading complex projects with multiple partners, including operator's teams. With its complete range of Professional Services and Video Solutions, Wyplay can help you delivering an end-to-end solution, building and following-up planning across the different partners, managing technical risk analysis and choosing the best architectures.
Your Challenges