RDK and Wyplay

Frog by Wyplay
FROG is the Wyplay Open Source homegrown TV middleware for STB.
Selected by top Tier1 operators, it provides them freedom and independence.
But you still have some key questions:
But am I obliged to use Wyplay development teams with FROG?
Is FROG compliant with hybrid OTT and DVB deployment?
Am I free to use my own graphic engine and my UX Design?
Is it easy to manage 3rd party applications such as Netflix, Youtube, Amazon...?
Who could be the System Integrator ?
As FROG creator, Wyplay is the best positioned to support you in your projects.
FROG MW can be supplied as an open-source basis for your own development, or as an end-to-end solution customized for you with Wyplay Professional Services and Video Solutions.
Your Challenges

Legacy management