Wyplay's Operator Tier Application

Controlling your Android TV Experience with Wyplay's Operator Tier Application

The Android TV Operator Tier makes perfect sense for many operators, providing with complete control over the customer experience, improves time to market and provides effortless access to 2,000+ applications. Despite its numerous upsides, Android TV comes with its challenges. This is where Wyplay comes in.

Wyplay's Android TV Operator Tier application combined with our industry leading system integration services mean we can provide you with all you need to launch your Android TV solution in any environment (OTT, hybrid DVB/IP). Our Premium reference UI/UX can be customised to fit your brand and can be used to improve speed to market. Alternatively, we can incorporate your own UI/UX design into our Operator Tier application.

In addition, the Wyplay Android Operator Tier application can be deployed using our cross-device UI framework meaning your UI/UX can be deployed on all the main video devices e.g. smartphones/tablets/PC/Mac.

User experience

Wyplay's premium cross-device UI/UX allows operators to launch an industry leading 'ready to deploy' user experience to significantly reduce time to market.

Our premium UI/UX provides your customers with access to all the features and services they will expect from your service including live TV, VOD, catch-up, recommendations and multi-user profiles.

Our premium UI/UX can be customized to ensure that the look and feel of the application is constant with your branding and application requirements.

We know that you need to provide your customers with access to contents where they want and when they want. The reference UI/UX is ready to deploy on all major devices and can be used together with our cross-device UI to remove the deployment effort and further reduce the time to market. Wyplay's Cross-Device Framework allows you to design and develop your user experience once and deploy it across multiple devices. Our framework blends the best of your branded user experience with the unique usability features of each device : iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets, PC/Mac as well and Linux and Android set-top boxes...

User Experience

Linux STB

Wyplay's industry proven open source middleware has been deployed in millions of subscriber's homes on behalf of some of the world leading tier 1 pay TV providers (Canal+, Sky, DishTV, DirecTV...).

Our open source solution provides operators with access to innovative features and services allowing them to provide a rich experience to their customer.

Our middleware solution has been integrated with all of the leading set-top box, SoC and security providers allowing you complete freedom of choice when selecting the partners with who you wish to work. Operating in broadcast only or hybrid modes, our open source middleware can fit any solution in any market.

Wyplay middleware

Legacy Management

Legacy Management

We have extensive experience deploying our open source middleware on legacy devices, both to extend the life of the device and to allow operators to continue to innovate without the need to replace older generations of devices.

Our experience and professional services cover IPTV, OTT, hybrid STB on various chipsets/STB and CAS vendor.

The legacy Backend can be supplemented by Wyplay backend components.

Performance improvement and end-to-end System Integration are proposed as key-values to optimize your costs.

OTT Platform

Wyplay platform services

In addition to our client products, Wyplay also provides cross-device features which can deliver added value to your customer proposition. With the growth in the use of unmanaged devices, it's critical to your business that you can deliver new features and services from the backend to all customers regardless of the device on which the use your service and consume content.

The features available from the Wyplay Services Platform includes CMS (TV/VOD and catch-up), content recommendations, n-PVR, analytics (including quality of experience and audience measurement data), Advertising & Targeted Ads, multi-user profile management, UI A/B testing., Voice Assistant cloud platform,...

Linux STB
OTT platform