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Next Gen cross-device UX
You want to address the content profusion and fragmentation (operator services, OTT pure players and Studios) and manage the devices fragmentation (STB, Smartphone, Tablet, PC/Mac, SmarTV...)
But you're not sure about the right path:
Can I find companies understanding UX Design for TV products?
Is there a framework to simplify and speed up the cross devices development?
Is it easy to manage the interface in real time (editorial, advertising...)?
And what about the integration of 3rd party applications?
Who's the best actor for the operator's back-end integration and for the end-to-end validation?
Without a relevant and efficient User Experience, subscribers may feel frustration if they spend too much time to find content to watch, leading to less product engagement and ultimately a risk to churn.
Wyplay can help you with its complete range of Professional Services and Video Solutions to achieve these above challenges.
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