Android TV and Wyplay

RDK and Wyplay
Created by Comcast, RDK has been selected by key operators.
You're convinced that RDK is the right path to stay free and to define your own roadmap in a complete autonomy. But you still have some key questions:
What are the needed resources to handle a RDK project?
How can I port the RDK stack onto my HW platform?
Are the security aspects (CAS/DRM) already integrated in RDK?
Who can provide the UX Design and the development?
Is it easy to manage 3rd party applications such as Netflix, Youtube, Amazon...?
Who could be the System Integrator?
Wyplay is by DNA an Open Source active player. We can help you to understand the RDK ecosystem and to make the right choices.
With its complete range of Professional Services and Video Solutions, Wyplay is the perfect partner whatever the maturity of your project, from a consultancy analysis to a complete end-to-end system integration.
Your Challenges

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