Solutioning, Development, Validation

Solutioning, Development, Validation

From solution definition to its launch and evolution, you'll be in good hands with Wyplay

Our dedicated and experienced team have the expertise and energy to build your solution to meet your requirements and deliver on time and on budget.

During the initiation of the project, our solution managers will work with you to define and specify the best solution based on your existing technology and your requirements, while our program managers will plan the project. Once the solution is defined and the project plan agreed, our delivery teams will take our off-the-shelf products (reference UIs, middleware, services platform, etc) and customize them, integrate them with third party systems such as SOC drivers, backend APIs, CAS/DRM, in order to deliver the defined solution. If required we will also develop new software components from scratch. In the meantime, our solution managers and program managers keep an eye on the project KPI to ensure that it is on track.

End to end system integration

Wyplay can be your 'one throat to choke' for a complex project with multiple 3rd parties

As lead system integrator, we take full responsibility of delivering your end-to-end solution including both Wyplay's and 3 party products. Rest assured, we have been the lead system integrator on many complex Pay TV projects for more than a decade. We understand Tier1 operators' requirements in terms of quality and schedule. We know the challenges of hybrid solutions, combining broadcast and OTT and we have an extensive experience of dealing with multiple partners on complex projects.

Our delivery teams apply our proven methodology to drive the project and align all the stake holders (operator, Wyplay, partners) toward the same direction.

Lead End to End system integration

UX / UI Design

UX / UI Design

Wyplay can provide your cross-device user experience

Specializing in user experiences, graphics and ergonomics, our Wyplay studio has been designing video specific user interfaces since the creation of Wyplay more than a decade ago. All of Wyplay's reference user experiences - Frog Premium and Frog Turnkey - and custom UI's are designed by our in-house studio team. Wyplay Design Studio has been awarded several time for its work on user experience.

The team are focused on how to make the end user's Pay TV journey better, our team of art directors and designers produces ultra-intuitive and content driven user interfaces.

We are expert in designing consistent user experiences across multiple devices (TV set-top box, tablets, smartphones, etc.), while taking into account the specificities of each device such as D-Pad versus touch navigation, horizontal versus vertical position.

Our design studio would be glad to work with your designers, product managers, branding managers to define your future user experience or improve your existing one.


Wyplay consultancy services

Wyplay has been involved in deploying video technology solutions at tier 1 Pay TV operators for more than 10 years and in doing so we have gathered extensive experience. Our consulting services allow you to take advantage of that experience by using our team to assist you as you look to develop your technology solution.

We have experts available in a number of areas including solution architecture, development, partner/technology selection and user experience design.

End to End SI
UX/UI Design