Operators struggle to build customer loyalty programs and gain new young subs.

To solve these problems, Wyplay has designed COMMUNITY, the Wyplay Web3 Blockchain platform for operators & content providers to:


 customer engagement with new loyalty use cases


 new revenue streams

Loyalty programs

To improve subscribers’ engagement, COMMUNITY comes with a reward management mechanism to increase the loyalty of existing and new subscribers.
As a Content Provider, create your own Loyalty Program with your Loyalty Coins managed by COMMUNITY. Define the rules for your end-users to earn Loyalty Coins and to redeem them.
Typical use cases of rewarding actions with Loyalty Coins can be:

End-users EARN Community Coins when participating to the community:

- Watch To EARN:

watch more ads (including better tracking and targeting)

- Promote To EARN:

promote contents on social network (liking, co-opting...)

- Share To EARN:

act as a Node and share contents with other subscribers nearby (see WyCDN)

- Complete missions To EARN:

gamification of experiences


... etc

End-users REDEEM Community Coins to get some benefits:

- SPEND To access:

watch more ads (including better tracking and targeting)

- SPEND To share:

promote contents on social network (liking, co-opting...)

- SPEND To offer:

act as a Node and share contents with other subscribers nearby (see WyCDN)


... etc


is flexible and can easily integrate other

EARN & REDEEM mechanisms


Trading of Exclusive Contents (NFTs)

To address 

Collectors, Fans, and Speculators

 in multiple verticals (Sports, Movies/Series, Concerts, TV shows), COMMUNITY allows the Content Provider to activate new kinds of sales associated with exclusive digital assets:

- Digital Artworks:

 Posters, Animated GIFs, 3D rendering

- Videos:

 Sports highlights (goals, dunks...), Exclusive interviews, Uncut scenes...

- Music:

 Never-before-heard demo recording, special album package (with exclusive AV art + concert seats), ...

- And many more:

 Trading cards, Event tickets, Gaming elements, and metaverse lands, ...
It’s made possible thanks to the Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Written on COMMUNITY, the NFT is the property title and certificate of authenticity of any asset (digital, physical, or any combination of both).
NFTs can be unique or with a limited and controlled number of copies and can be purchased, exchanged, resold, and collected, ... by the end-users.

NFTs catalog can be sourced from various ways to create value:

- Operators can have 

exclusive content/rights

 to design their NFT assets: images, collectibles, specific video content, and premium content, ...
- Operators can integrate 

existing NFTs contents

 from NFTs trading platforms (like OpenSea, Rarible, and Binance...).
- Operators can develop 

new collaborations with artists, content owners, and fans

 to create special contents to be integrated into their marketplace.


- Reduce churn and acquisition costs (Loyalty)
- Generate new revenues streams (NFTs, commissions)
- Increase ads consumption (Watch to Earn)