Execution phase

SW development

is at the heart of this execution phase for the integration and customization of the desired features adressing:

Client devices:

STB, dongles, smartphones, Tablets, Connected TVs, Computers, ...


Linux, AndroidTV, RDK, Web, Amazon FireTV, AppleTV, iOS, Android, SmartTV OS (Vidda, WebOS, Tizen, ATV)

MW features:

Video playback (OTT, Hybrid, IPTV, Broadcast), VOD, Ads, PVR, Transcoding, Voice, Security (DRM/CAS/..), HW management, drivers, ...

User Interface (Applications/Main launcher/UI Rewamp):

HTML5, ReactJs, React Native, Lightning™, ...

3rd party integration and pre-certification:

Netflix, Disney+, Prime, Youtube, Vidio, WeTV, Catchplay ...

For over 15 years, Wyplay has implemented a proven

methodology and organization

that is recognized by our clients:
- Proven standard SW and quality management tools and process
- Open-source addict, Agile Scrum Method enthusiast
- Capacity to provide on-site support
- Extend operator R&D capacity (co-development)
- System Design & Specification, Contribution process, System Build, Installation and Commissioning