Client-side System Integration

With Wyplay as Client System Integrator (SI), you rely on

one partner

for the whole solution journey, from business requirements to maintenance.
We provide BEST-IN-CLASS Management teams, technical experts and SW/System architects.

Wyplay use the Agile scrum methodology in order to execute the backlog and to follow up the execution of each work package (identified in the preparation phase) with concerned


and make sure that the known dependencies are solved:
- The


will be executed as expected
- The Way of Working &

Statement of Work

will be followed by all stakeholders


will be warned about blocking points, solutions will be proposed

Wyplay ensures a

E2E qualification & acceptance:

- 3rd party lab testing (which could be Wyplay Lab testing), track and communicate
- Advanced quality test reports, E2E KPIs, Release notes
- Bug analysis and triage follow-up,
- Field testing

We aim to Increase project velocity, to provide advanced reports for better decisions in order to deploy successful solutions.